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Pick up a newspaper or turn on the television and the jobless figures and growing unemployment rates are staring you in the face. But take a look in the careers section and you will see one industry that is thriving, child care.

A career in early childhood is a great option for anyone, men or women, looking for a secure career pathway. With 4.3 per cent growth in revenue and more than 114,000 jobs in 2008 in Australia, according to IBISWorld, this is one industry offering real opportunities for its workers.

Work options are varied, with casual, part-time and full-time positions always available. With brilliant employment opportunities and a strong potential for promotions, a future in child care is never dull.

And now, with exciting developments in on-line training it is easier than ever to become qualified with a Certificate III, a Diploma and an Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services, without even leaving the house.

All you need is a computer and a broadband connection and you can gain your qualifications, working at your own pace at home. By planning your study to suit your routine it is possible to gain your certificate quicker than if you were at college.

Children’s Services qualifications are widely available through distance learning, including:

* Certificate III in Children’s Services – This is the entry level qualification for child care and teaches a basic understanding. Choose a reputable Registered Training Organisation, the best will help you to arrange the practical work experience component of the course, as well.

* Diploma of Children’s Service – For those already working in the child care industry this step up from the Certificate III is the best way to improve your skills and increase your chances of promotion.

* Advanced diploma course – If you want to run, manage or even own and operate a child care centre then you are required to have the Advanced Diploma.

Taking online classes in child care or any other on-line courses, provides advantages that typical classroom-based programmes simply cannot compete with. Online education through a Registered Training Organisation provides a range of benefits, including:

* Flexible delivery – There is no reason to report to a classroom at a set time on set days. Internet-based programmes enable students to learn at their own pace wherever they choose eaglevalleychildcare. This means if you’re already employed you can keep earning a living while gaining the qualifications you need to advance your career.

* Student support – Just because study is undertaken online it doesn’t mean you won’t be supported by qualified instructors. Emails, web workshops and student forums mean you can have as much or as little interaction as you wish.

* Financial advantage – Many online programmes do qualify for financial assistance through Government funding or even scholarships. Course fees tend to be lower with online learning and since you won’t be commuting many of additional expenses are removed from the equation

Taking child care courses online will open the doors on a career path that offers room for growth and incredible job satisfaction. Don’t let your crazy schedule get in the way of your future success.

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