How to Match Mom’s Makeup and Hairstyle With a Kid’s Halloween Costume

Matching the makeup and the hairstyle, plus some accessories with a kid Halloween costume is easy if you know how to do it. For example, if your little daughter has decided she wants to become a bee queen for this year’s Halloween costume event, then you need to take it step- by- step and create a very nice look for her.

First, you will start with the makeup. Remember that little children need very natural makeup, applied in strategic places in order to bring forward their most beautiful features. If you apply blue eye shadow on a five year old, instead of lighting even more up her features, you will hide them.

Kid Halloween costumes are usually a fusion of yellow and black: yellow mini dress with black stripes, golden see through wings, and black leggings. As a makeup, you need to create a fresh, glowing face. Children’s skin is already glowing naturally, so you need to apply anything sparingly.

Start by applying a translucent mineral face powder. Then, apply soft rose blush on her cheeks. With your fingers, you should blend well these two powders, so that there will be no harsh edges visible. Imagine that her little face should look like a wonderful rose has kissed her.

Do not apply mascara on little children’s lashes. It is not healthy, and it will look very unnatural. What you can apply, is pale colored eye shadows. Play around with two or three colors, which you will apply on her eyelids. For example, you can choose an eye shadow trio of beige, rosy and golden.

Apply the lightest color on the entire eyelid, which is beige in this case. Then, apply sparkling golden right in the middle of the eyelid, by sweeping one line with your finger. Last, apply rose in the corner of the eyes, creating a slight winged effect. This is a wonderful makeup, which will match her kid Halloween costume.

She will definitely wear an antenna headband, so you also need to make her a nice hairstyle. For example triokids, if she has long hair, you can make a simple ballerina bun, and this will match very well with her makeup and her headband. Alternatively, you can let her hair down, and create a wavy look.

You can use hot rollers, or even a curling iron to create some rebel curls. If you want the hair only wavy and not curly, after you have finished curling, just brush through the hair. She will look magnificent in her kid Halloween costume with such a makeup and hairstyle!

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