We frequently say that Costco fees their wine as a minimum 10-20% underneath different total wine coupons stores. It’s going to differ widely, depending on in which you stay and shop, and in case you encompass on line, however there’s hardly ever a time once I see a bottle at Costco that is priced greater than it must be. Add the occasional bonus cut price within the mix, and the financial savings get even higher.

Total Wine might be the opposite large bodily wine outlet that I shop at. I also like Wine Library for on line and the smaller, extra curated wine stores around my neighborhood. And even as there’s absolute confidence that the selection at Total Wine is tough to overcome nearly everywhere (and that’s the number 1 reason I visit), it appears to me that they’ve been step by step elevating expenses.

So allow’s take a look at a number of the bottles I observed at each Costco and Total Wine and notice how the expenses lines up.

Mondavi Oakville
2014 Robert Mondavi Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 1.5L
Let’s start it out with a big one (literally, magnum bottle). We caught this wine at Costco right after the vacations final 12 months and it went from $100 (wellknown Costco rate) down to $50. And it’s a scrumptious wine consuming even higher now than it was returned then.

Total Wine: $one hundred forty four.99

Costco: $forty nine.97

segura cava
Segura Viudas Brut
Here’s a easy little inexpensive bubbly. Costco contains it for only $7.99 as opposed to Total Wine at $nine.97. Costco also has carried the 1.5L to be had for $13.89

Total Wine: $nine.97

Costco: $7.Ninety nine

Chateau Malescot St Exupery Margaux Bordeaux
An implausible rate distinction here. At Costco, this bottle changed into simplest $forty nine.Ninety nine. We didn’t get a chance to review earlier than they have been all long gone, however I did placed a few away for later. This Total Wine price is on the less suited 2014 vintage. Costco’s charge was for the 2015.

Total Wine: $99.Ninety nine

Costco: $49.99

rioja alta 904
2009 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904
Consistently one in every of our favorite wines, year in and yr out (whilst it’s produced). We have been excited to locate the remaining vintage at Costco for $forty eight.Ninety nine, a moderate bargain from Total Wine. Costco has carried past vintages for best $forty, but I actually have a feeling phrase has spread approximately how correct this is for the cash, and the fee has moved for that reason.

Total Wine: $fifty four.Ninety seven

Costco: $48.Ninety nine

casal garcia


Casal Garcia Vinho Verde White
This wine is a superb white wine value pick out beneath $10 and Costco nudges in a touch decrease than Total Wine at underneath $7.

Total Wine: $7.97

Costco: $6.59

Palazzo Della Torre


2015 Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre
By now, you all in all likelihood understand we’re big lovers of this wine, in particular at Costco’s incredible charge of simplest $12.Ninety nine, a sizeable bargain from what we found at Total Wine. It’s still in stock at Costco stores around us, so maintain a watch out.

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