8 Ways to Make Visitors to Your Website Come Back Again

1. Polls

You can animate your website by conducting an interactive poll on
a subject of Interest that relates to your niche.
Have your visitors then e-mail their vote or opinion. Publish the result on
your site. Your visitors will be eager to your trusted directory know how the polls turn out
and they will certainly check back to see the results. Which in return
keeps them visiting your site again.

2. Gifts

People love to get free stuff. List free stuff on your web site.
It could be software, services, sample products, e-books etc.
The freebies should be related to your niche market. Keep
the freebies coming and your visitors will return regularly.
At times physical gifts which you can ship or post to them, it does not
necessarily need to be expensive, you build your trust by doing that
and invariably you make your site more comely and attractive for
visitors to keep coming back.

3.Rich Content

Content is king, everybody wants good content that can not be
picked on the street, I mean what they can’t read anywhere else.
Your content needs to have a level of originality. I’m not saying all your
content has to be 100% original, but a
portion of your web site should have original information.
People crave new things. Information sells like mad, people
will keep coming because of what they will benefit from your site.

4.Answer Questions

Give your visitors room to post questions relating to your niche
market so you can answer their questions or even give other visitors room to
comment on some of these questions. When their questions are being answered and
riddles solved, they keep posting their questions and that brings
them back to your site. You will soon turn your site into a forum and
a solution colony.

5. News

Supply news stories related to your web site niche. People
want hot and breaking news. If you can be their prime
source of news, they will keep coming.

6. Directories

Tell your subscribers about other web sites related to your web
site niche market. The web sites should be interesting and helpful.
Become your reader’s web site directory and they just can’t stop
dropping by. Put search links on your site like Google and Yahoo, so
can navigate other sites from your site.

7.Jokes and side attractions

Give your visitors a little humor now and then. Make them relax and
feel relaxed. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Don’t be so
serious; tell them a joke. Side attractions like sports or entertainment
could be introduced at times. If they associate your web site with
being happy they will visit again and again.


You can also have a section for quotes where the people quotes can be
posted which you update regularly it could be daily or every other day
or weekly. Visitors will be anxious to know the next quote, which keeps



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