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This archive has code for the paper High-Precision Model-Agnostic Explanations. jimnews

We present a novel model-skeptic framework that clarifies the

conduct of complex models with high-exactness rules called

secures, speaking to nearby, “adequate” conditions for forecasts. We propose a calculation to effectively figure these

clarifications for any discovery model with high-likelihood

ensures. We show the adaptability of anchors by clarifying a horde of various models for various spaces

also, undertakings. In a client study, we show that anchors empower clients

to foresee how a model would act on concealed cases

with less exertion and higher exactness, when contrasted with existing

straight clarifications or no clarifications.

An anchor clarification is a standard that adequately “secures” the forecast locally – with the end goal that changes to the remainder of the element estimations of the example don’t make a difference. As such, for occasions on which the anchor holds, the forecast is (quite often) the equivalent.

Right now, we uphold clarifying individual expectations for text classifiers or classifiers that follow up on tables (numpy varieties of mathematical or straight out information). In the event that there is sufficient interest, I can incorporate code and models for pictures.

The anchor technique can clarify any discovery classifier, with at least two classes. All we require is that the classifier executes a capacity that takes in crude content or a numpy exhibit and yields an expectation (whole number)


The Anchor bundle is on pypi. Essentially run:

pip introduce anchor-exp

Or then again clone the store and run:

python introduce

In the event that you need to utilize AnchorTextExplainer, you need to run the accompanying:

python – m spacy download en_core_web_lg

Furthermore, in the event that you need to utilize BERT to irritate inputs (suggested), likewise introduce transformers:

pip introduce light transformers spacy && python – m spacy download en_core_web_sm


See scratch pad organizer for instructional exercises. Note that from rendition, it just deals with python 3.

Plain information

Text information


Here is the bibtex in the event that you need to refer to this work.

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