Development of the Domestic Pump and Valve Industry

There is no doubt that the industry is advancing its pace to improve our daily life from all aspects. And the pump and valve are two familiar industrial equipments to people, I suppose. They do great favors to the manufacturing and living. Generally speaking, they are widely used as the liquid delivery devices for the fields of agriculture, chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, power plants, food and urban water supply and drainage project. Thus, the bright future for their development is on the way.

At this moment, some domestic industrial bases are outstanding on the way. Take the industry of the pump and the valve is of prosperity in Yongjia County for example. The county has brought in this industry in 1970s. At the every beginning, most companies are in small scales holding the single product structure and the not well-known brand. What else, the factors such as the poor information resources and weak technical innovation would push the industrial development into a worse situation.

Fortunately, within the past 20 more years, it has made great progress over all the aspects to rise up as the mainstay industry of the county. According to the data statistics, the county has enterprises of more than 500. And the output value reached 7.5 billion in 2004, which equals to the 31.5% of the industry output value of the whole county and accounts for 20% of the domestic valve output value. In other words, the county has developed as the base integrating the manufacturing, technological innovation, quality testing and business gathering, training, which is favorable for the overall pattern of the pump and valve industry.

Whatever, it seems that the very start is difficult. And it is normal on the way to success. But the belief should be hold throughout the whole striving process. And the important point is to make full use of the local resources. Only the industry which is closely related to the local development can advance to the future development. And it is pleasant to see that much more new bases giso of the pump and valve industry come into our world. Whatever, people would realize the bright future. And it is certain to come across many difficulties either on the technologies or the performing conditions. Perhaps, the future development should focus on the utilization of the resources and technologies and the constant innovation spirit, together with the aim of creating well known brands in order to form the economic scale. is the global B2B platform in the industry of mechanical parts. SeekPart aggregates the trade leads in this area, and our ultimate target is to benefit the buyers and sellers of mechanical parts by utilizing these leads through our online tools.


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