Never Boost Website Sales Using PPC and Here’s Why

If you are looking for a way to permanently and profitably boost website sales, then keep PPC off your list of options. While we are not saying that ppc should be excluded from a comprehensive marketing strategy, it’s role should be instantboostup minimized. So what is our problem with PPC and why do we insist it not be considered as a viable strategy to boost website sales over the long term?

It all boils down to the numbers and frankly, PPC numbers suck. Specifically, here is why you never want to rely too heavily on PPC for your traffic and especially not as a solution to boost website sales:


    1. ROI is Lower for PPC than SEO, SMM, and Other Traffic Investments: If your site is converting well and your PPC campaign is refined, you are still lucky to generate $2 in sales for every $1 you spend for pay-per-click. That means at best case, you are looking at marketing costs devouring up to 33% of total revenue. For many sites, PPC costs consume upwards of 50% or more of total revenue so even if you did boost website sales, how much would you honestly be increasing net income at that rate?


  1. Paying for Additional Traffic Before Optimizing On Site Factors Wastes Money: Most websites were never optimized once brought online and instead the first order of business was driving traffic, most likely with PPC. However, the sad reality is that most websites are losing up to 50% or more of total conversions due to poor copywriting, website design/layout, weak sales funnels, bad programming, and other on-site factors. So why pay to send expensive PPC traffic to a site when your conversion rate is down by up to 50% or more due to on-site conversion problems? In truth, that is just wasting your marketing dollars.

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