Research on color psychology

Wearing jeans to a formal event or to a courtroom has a different message then dropping by the local coffeehouse. Research on color psychology indicates that different colors can influence a variety of moods and responses, depending on the society. Appearance can also influence physiological reactions, judgment and interpretations. Consider the appearances of pop stars versus news anchors.

In its varied and rich forms, language is a gift. It serves us well to take time observing and practicing the make-up of demeanor, including voice tones and nonverbal body language. Of course, information is just a start. Applying it consistently allows for mastery. It’s the difference between theory and practice.

Remember, more accurate understanding of the body language of others requires considering a multiple of signals. In casual circumstances, and when diplomatically done, determining the accuracy of an interpretation can be aided by verifying our perception with the other party. Working with this can be enjoyable and interesting. This awareness and skill can aid everyone in learning how to read other people more reliably, as well as enhance our own ability to communicate more effectively. It may even enrich our lives.

At Witness Preparation Service, Rama Fox has been preparing witnesses for legal sworn testimony since 1990. Working with both governmental and private law firms, her unique preparation methods are integrated with legal counsel’s normal testimony preparation. In private, custom-designed sessions, Rama uses behavioral modification and enhancement techniques, incorporating many facets of body language awareness, demeanor focus, self-confidence building, along with stress reduction. Rama has personally given sworn testimony over a dozen times in various legal venues. This assists her in conveying empathy and encouragement to potential witnesses in ways seldom encountered in legal preparation.

Her take-home DVD/CD program, Mastering Legal Testimony, is designed to assist potential witnesses take advantage of multiple viewings and practice in the relaxation of their homes. It comes with an awareness enhancing and reinforcing Witness Guide. The CD, Relaxation and Well-Being, is a guided imagery process designed to mitigate the stress most witnesses experience prior to giving testimony.

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