Detergent Formulation

There are at least four relevant questions you need to ask (and actually seek answers to), before buying any zeolite supplement formulation. Those would include the question as to:

1. How effective the formulation is: you come to realize that not all of these supplements are effective at the role they are taken for (that being the role of ridding the body of heavy metal toxins). To be effective at that role, the specific formulation must contain an adequate level of the active ingredient. Moreover, its molecular structure should be one that makes it able for the formulation to actually trap the heavy metal toxins, and then carry them out of the body, to leave you free from all the ills associated with toxicity. There is at least one way in which you can get to learn how effective a particular formulation is. That would be by listening to what people formule who have used it before have to say about it (with regard to its effectiveness).

2. How safe the specific formulation is: safety is a very important consideration for all substances that have to be ingested into the body. In this particular case, the cleanliness of the zeolite in a particular formulation will be a very important consideration. You come to realize that there are some unscrupulous people who simply extract the mineral and proceed to package it and market it as a ‘supplement,’ without doing anything regarding its cleanliness. Further, it is essential to ensure that the zeolite used in making the particular supplement formulation is of the variety that is meant for human consumption. You come to realize that there is a variety of it that is termed as being of ‘industrial grade’ and that is unsuitable for human consumption. Yet some people are known to package the same, and market it as a ‘health supplement.’ At the end of the day, this is something you are taking to enhance your health. It shouldn’t turn out to be the thing that actually goes on to mess with your health.

3. What the reputation of its makers is like: this too, is an important consideration, as it is one that can give you hints on what you can expect in terms of the formulation’s efficacy and safety, among other things. There are vendors who are known for highly effective and safe products; vendors with a reputation they protect jealously. Then there are vendors known for ineffective and unsafe products, vendors who don’t give much thought to their reputations, or vendors who have no reputations to talk of in the first place. Reading widely through objective review sites and listening to what previous supplement users have to say would give you the hints you need in this regard.

4. How its price compares with that of similar formulations in the market: this is, of course, only a relevant question if you are a price-conscious buyer (which most of us are). The idea is not to buy the cheapest formulation you can get, but rather the one that offers you the best value for your money. The price you pay should also be in the range of what would be considered a ‘fair price’ for such a formulation; otherwise, you will have been fleeced.

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