Zero Gravity Massage Chair Report

Have you ever tried a zero gravity massage chair? They are quite a marvelous creation, and really relaxing! (I should know, I’ve been trying them out these lasts weeks!) So why are they called zero gravity chairs? Does this mean you’re getting a massage while floating in space? Not really. Unfortunately that particular technology isn’t available for home use yet! Zero Gravity isn’t exactly 0. It all has to do with one of the possible positions of the chair.

Though it might at first look just like an ordinary armchair, it is possible to recline the chair so far back that you’ll end with your feet higher than your head. vortexgravitybong This position is the one used by astronauts in spaceships during takeoff, because it kind of distributes the gravitational pressure in an even way all across the body. Even though you won’t feel the gravitational pull when you’re relaxing in your living room, this position can be really beneficial for you as well. You see, the combined effects of this reclined position and a massage are really incredible. Your body, free from the ordinary pressure, is so much more susceptible to any massage technique. You might actually feel like you are hovering in a comfy cloud!

These wonders are a great treat for you and your family, and make a really special gift. But be warned: swimming around in your little bubble of comfort can be really addictive! And you probably won’t be the only one using it. You might find your sulky neighbor taking a nap in it!

So what kinds of features are usually included in zero gravity massage chair? There are some basics that you should make sure are incorporated.

• It should be adjustable to your body weight and height
• Foot and calf massager
• Back heat mechanism
• Different types of massage: shiatsu, rolling etc.

Some chairs incorporate extra features such as Mp3 player, headphones, cushions, but these are not really necessary unless you’re willing to shell out a considerably higher sum of money.

Getting a zero gravity massage chair is a real asset. However, they can be quite high-priced. So before thinking about what where you’re going to place your new chair, it is probably wise to do some research on different models and manufacturers. Take some time to browse the internet and compare prices and features. One important aspect to bear in mind is the delivery and setup costs. Some sellers will do this for free whereas others might charge you a great deal. And remember that a massage chair is pretty heavy so the shipping costs will be considerable.


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