Data Science: A Must-Have for Every Business Concern

Data scientists are the most demanded professionals today. That is the reason why there are so many offline/online training courses and certificates available in the market. But why is this field so sought after?

These days’ manual jobs are replaced by machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence. But to create these technological ways, one needs algorithms and models. But like all machines, they too are needed to be fed with prerequisites of data. Now data is present everywhere but in a raw form which needs to be cleaned and put in an understandable way, and this is where data science enters the scene.


Data science is extracting relevant and important information from raw data, which in turn can be used for taking strategic decisions in business regarding customer satisfaction and retention, demand and supply forecasting, development of a new product, understand market trend etc.

Several subjects come together here like mathematics, statistics, programming and most importantly business management. Also, it involves several processes like data collection and storage, data mining, data cleaning, data visualization, machine learning, and interpretation. Each of these is a job on its own and is usually done by few people together.

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