How To Make Your Pool Suit Your Personality

Sometimes, when people have pools installed, they only have enough money for a simple looking pool. Therefore, the pool just looks like a hole in the ground that is filled with water.

If this is what they were after, then that is great, but if they wanted something more, then will never like their pool. They might use it often, so they are getting their monies worth out of it, but they will never be proud of the pool that they have.

If you have found this article because you don’t like the pool that you have and you wished that you had waited until you could afford a better one, then the point of this article is that you don’t have to be stuck with the pool that you have.

You can now think of is as pool contractor the started pool and you can make changes to it, so it is the pool that you deserve. You don’t have to start again from scratch. You can add more features at the rate you can afford. Read on for some ideas on how to make your pool suit your personality.

Base – You should start with the base of the pool. If it is a boring color then you should change it. You can change the material of the floor, the color (as previously mentioned), and you could also add some lighting to the bottom of the pool. This will make the pool pop and you should start with the base if you want to make changes to the whole pool. The pool will have to be emptied obviously, and it might be worth leaving it empty until the whole pool is done. If you can only afford to make one change a year, then just have the pool refilled so that you can use it in between building work.
Waterfalls – Waterfalls are a very popular added feature and a lot of people add them. This is because waterfalls can make the pool feel very relaxing. You could have small waterfalls fitted at the side of the pool, or you could have a larger waterfall on the side of the pool as a water feature. Some people have the waterfalls installed as part of the rock feature and make it all look like it is one element. You can do anything with a waterfall feature. Just ask the builder what he or she recommends and they should be happy to advise you on what would look better for your pool.
Landscaping – You could have the area around the pool worked on. You could add decking where people could put sunbeds and you could even add a small bar or fire pit. This is only if you have the money of course and adding a bar area to your pool should be considered high end. Some people go with a theme for the landscaping. They either add rock features to make the pool look like it is in the middle of the wilderness, or they have everything done in marble to make it look high end.
Spa – You could add a spa feature on one end of the pool. This is considered an add-on because the spa won’t be installed inside the existing pool. It will be installed on one of the sides of the pool and you won’t be able to access one from the other. Some people who have chosen to have rock features, have a grotto installed and the spa will be inside the grotto. Therefore, they can use the spa when it is raining outside.
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