Diabetes and Have Lower Blood Sugar Levels Without Medications!

A type 2 diabetes cure… that is such a great thought! A search into Google News for “diabetes medications” reveals a hefty list of so-called diabetes drug “breakthroughs”. With dozens of diabetes drugs in the pipeline, the news may give you an impression that a cure-like treatment for type 2 diabetes is a pill away.

However, a look at the current evidence tells a very different story. Most medications only slightly control or lower blood sugar levels… and none of them do a thing to deal with the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes: excess weight. Doctors perpetuate the “drug as the best option” myth by handing out prescriptions for hypoglycemic agents like Metformin, just like candy.

Knowing this, the question naturally arises: “how can I treat my type 2 diabetes without resorting to medications?” Before getting into the details, the most important step in this process is a change in mindset. Treating diabetes without drugs means no shortcuts, hard work, and some hurdles to jump over

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