Cure or Reverse Modern Diabetes? Latest News, Prehistoric-NO

Popular Origin Diet book stresses low fat, low processed foods to reverse Type 2

By Robert P. Tracy

Chicago, Illinois. July 6, 2007. Doctors, medical associations and research groups have, for many years, proven that the root cause of type 2 diabetes and other degenerative illnesses is found in our diet. Most recently a study from Lund University, Sweden, found that Foods of the kind that were consumed during human evolution may be the best choice to control diabetes type 2.

Its processed foods, unnatural meat hormones and “laboratory-derived sweetener chemistry” that suck nutrition and good health out of our bodies.

The landmark book Live Longer Now: The First 100 Years of Your Life, written by Dr. Jon Leonard, was the first to highlight the dietary causes of poor health. Today, it still stands as the benchmark guide for controlling, even reversing the diabetic condition.

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