Multi Level Health Marketing Companies – I Am Sick Of Them!

Why am I sick of “multi level health marketing companies”? Oh boys..It’s very simple! There are too many businesses out there pushing the same products only in different packaging or from different berries from a different special plant from a different special island in the Caribbean Sea!

Now I am not saying that “multi level health marketing companies” are not a good investment for you. highlandvillagechiropractic On the contrary…healthcare and wellness is a major industry in our society. The masses of the baby boomer generations are driving this increased, and justified, focus on health care.

The issue with “multi level health care marketing companies” is trying to figure out which one to invest your time and money with. And that’s tough because there are so many choices. As I noted earlier…they are too many “me too” enterprises out there. You need to be able to differentiate the winners from the losers and here’s what you look for….

Great wealth in “multi level health marketing companies” is created when a company is able to operate within a well established industry (health care) and take “recognized” product(s) within this industry and find a way for consumers to consume the product(s) in a more efficient way. Here’s an example…the mouthwash industry was dominated by companies that sold their products in liquid format UNTIL Listerine changed the way people consumed it…BREATH STRIPS. It totally revolutionized the way people consumed mouthwash. Crazy stuff!! It was actually the most successful consumer product launch ever!! EVER! And all they did is change the way people consumed mouth wash in the breath freshener industry.

So…want to be successful. When looking at “multi level health marketing companies” …find the one that is revolutionizing the way people consume or product…not whether it is better or stronger than the others.

Here’s to your success


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