A New Dawn For Bond

After the largest event in British films this year, the unveiling of Blond Bond, a shudder thunders through the gaming industry as one of the biggest licences in FPS changes hands. Bond will return, as most of the movies taunt. With the release of the 21st Bond film the release of the 21st Bond Game(1) drifts ever closer. And surely now EA will play a decent hand…except, EA are no more in the Bond business. This time the turn goes to Activision. Will they, like EA on so many occasions, call a bluff, or will we finally have a Bond game worthy of (whisper it) Goldeneye.

Activision, as you will know, are no newcomers to the shooting industry in gaming. While being responsible for 50% of gun crime in America(2), the FPS industry has also generated a fair bit of cash for Activision, makers of the esteemed Quake and Doom series. So with all this FPS experience, surely we have nothing to fear in the mucking up of our beloved Bond series. Well, that would be true, had they not given to Treyarch.

Web of Glory

All cynicism aside, let us not forget that when Goldeneye was made the developers had no FPS experience. Even Rare had no experience, at least this time Activision still have a fair bit.

The makers will no doubt look to the latest Bond film to give them inspiration for their exploit. It will be highly surprising if they do not use Daniel Craig’s likeness, the only recent Bond game not to was Agent Under Fire, which had the highly suspicious Pierce Brosnan look-alike. Like EA they may also employ actors to star in the stereotypical bad guy, bad girl and good girl roles. In the next-gen-o-vision of Xbox 360 and PS3 you can expect to see Blond Bond with at least 20 more pixels making up his face.

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