5 Basic Survival Skills

Unlike people who are skilled in the outdoors, most of us will never find ourselves in a situation where we need survival skills. However, if faced with this situation it is handy to know some basic skills so that you can survive long enough to be rescued. There are 5 basic survival skills that everyone should know. They are: your attitude, how to find water, building shelter, building a fire, and making sure you have a food source.


If you are caught in a situation Survival Skills where you need survival skills the most important of all will be your attitude. By attitude I mean you have to feel like you will survive. It serves no purpose if you lose hope. Survival situations will call on your primal instincts, those instincts and a few learned skills will see you through most any tough spot.


It is important to remember that you can survive with no food for 3 weeks, but only 3 days without water. That is why this skill is the most important after taking inventory of your attitude. The first thing to know is that water naturally will run downhill, so that is where you will find it. Also you need to be aware of animal tracks. You can often follow tracks right to a water source. Animals need water just as much as you do to survive, and they will know of any available water sources.


If you believe that you will have to overnight before being rescued the next order of business is to get a shelter built. This does not have to be a mansion, but something substantive enough to keep the elements like rain, snow, and wind off you. You should build your shelter with just enough room to lie down. Your body heat will help keep your shelter warm, so the smaller the space the warmer it can be. Conserve valuable energy by making your shelter as simple as possible.

Fire will be the next skill that will come into play. This is an important skill because losing body heat can kill you just as quickly as lack of water and food. Building a fire will also come into play once you find a food source. The most important part of building a fire is the location. You will want your fire to be as small as possible so that it uses less fuel. The fire needs to be located in a place where the wind will not blow directly on it; typically a large boulder works well in this situation. The next elements you will need are tinder, kindling, and logs. The tinder will spark the fire. Kindling helps you build the fire up. Logs are your main source of fuel for your fire.


Keeping your energy up is vital in survival, you will be burning a lot more calories than you are used to burning. There are some basic guidelines in foraging for food. Contrary to popular belief plants are not your best avenue in a survival situation. If you do not know what you are doing you can actually end up poisoning yourself. There are some food sources that are a sure bet. Any mammal that has fur is edible and will provide good nutrients. All insects, the six-legged variety, are edible as well. Sticking to these two sources will ensure that you stay fueled.


Attitude, finding water, finding shelter, building a fire, and foraging for food are 5 basic survival skills that will help you if you ever find yourself in a situation where your survival is at stake. These skills combined with some basic tools can be the difference in your ability to make it out of a tough situation alive.



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