Critical Thinking: Has A Large Part Of Humanity Outsourced Their Perception Of Reality To The Media?

In today’s world, there are a lot of people who looks towards the mainstream media to inform them about what is taking place in the world. In fact, this will be the main source that they look towards to keep them up to date about what is happening ‘out there’.

When someone is in this position, there is the chance they will have been this way for most, if not all of their time on this earth. In general, looking towards this source is going to be something that just happens, as opposed to something domowyogrod  that they consciously choose to do.

All in the same Boat

The people in their life could also look towards the same source to keep them up to date. Through being surrounded by people who are the same, there will be no reason for them to question their behaviour.

Both one and the people in their life are likely to view the world in the same way. How they see the world will merely be seen as what the world is like, not just how they perceive it to be.

The Truth

This is because this source of information will create the impression that they are simply covering what is taking place in the world. In other words, not only will there be one world, there will also be one experience or reality.

So, like a photographer who just captures what is going on around them; this source will just capture what is going on in the world. Thus, to stay up to date with this experience, it will be essential for someone to stay plugged into this source of information.

False Information

If one was to come across the alternative media or another source of information that had a different view of what is taking place in the world, they could come to the conclusion that this news is not the truth. They could say that what this source says is ‘fake news’ and this could be backed up by the mainstream media, their trusted source of information.

Like a parental figure, this source, and different fact-checkers, will have their best interests at heart and will be there to make sure that they don’t end up believing lies. The key will be for them to stay away from these sources and to only look towards ‘trusted news sources’.

Stepping Back

Without even going into whether or not this sources main intention is to inform people at this point, what stands out is that someone like this will have given one external source the power to define their view of the world. But, even though this is the case, this could be something that hasn’t even occurred to them.

If this was pointed out to them, they could say that this source only talks about what is actually going on so it doesn’t matter. Yet, even if the view that the mainstream has a hidden agenda and is there to control how people view reality is one big lie, the fact is that this source of information is compiled and presented by human beings.

A Cloudy Lens

What this means is that even if these people are coming from a good place, they don’t have the ability to see reality as it is; they can only see reality as they are. Said another way, what is taking place within them is defining how they view the external world.

What is taking place internally will define what they believe is or isn’t important and what they will and won’t notice. Another part of this is that human beings are not just observers of their reality; they are the observers of their own creation.

The Big illusion

Nonetheless, although someone is not a passive observer of what is going on externally and is co-creating their experience, their ego-mind, along with their eyes, will tell them otherwise. Consequently, the mainstream media is presenting what is taking place externally; nothing more, nothing less.

And, when one goes along with this source’s view and gives it their attention, they will be supporting the very reality that this source has created as holds as the truth. With their attention and the attention of everyone else who is also plugged into this source, the media’s version of reality will be sustained.


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