Top WAR Online Quest Types Guide

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has been praised for its very extensive and very detailed background story, one that spans centuries and includes hundreds of fantastic characters and epic events. If you want to immerse yourself in the myth and legend of Warhammer Online, the best way to do so would be to go on a quest. Any gamer, seasoned or not, can learn a lot (and gain a lot, too!) from doing and completing quests. The great thing is that Warhammer Online has not just one or two quest types, instead there are several. The Top WAR Online quest types Guide include public quests, RvR quests, Kill collector quests, exploration quests, and tome quests. top up online I will give details on each one. But before I do so, let me just give a brief description of the general format of quests in the Warhammer world.

In Warhammer Online, quests are divided into chapters. Some of these quests are limited to that chapter alone, while others link with several other chapters and must be completed as you go ahead and play the game. These quests that I’m talking about are defined as:

Charges –
quests that occur in one chapter alone and only serves to give light to that chapter’s tale.
Adventures –
quests that go on and link chapters to other chapters, but within one tier or level only.

Epics –

quests that cover multiple chapters and all levels

The Warhammer Online quest types are the following:

Public Quests –
quests like these are easy to spot since they occur in a specific area inside the game’s realm. Anyone currently in that area can join the quest.
RvR Quests –

these types of quests present more challenge than public quests. Also knows as conflict quests, RvR quests is defined as quests in which you are given a goal which your enemy would fight against. For example, you have to keep a creature alive, while your enemy would do his best to kill it.

Kill collector quests –

perhaps one of the most common of the Warhammer Online quest types, kill collector quests involve killing mobs or specific groups or creatures.
Exploration quests –

as what the name suggests, this quest’s main goal is for the player to explore the Warhammer world and get rewarded for his or her efforts.

Tome quests –

a still unclear type of quest, Tome quests are those quests that a player gets directly from his Tome of Knowledge (very much like a log book of his adventures in the Warhammer realm).

Now, what you must remember is that all of these quests offer rewards. The rewards often depend on how difficult the quests you completed were. This is the usual formula in most online games. Rewards vary from potion ingredients to magical items and even rare fragments and essences. Most importantly, completing quests also boost your level. Trying out one or all of the Top WAR Online quest types Guide will surely be beneficial in your climb to be a powerful Warhammer player and would surely make your character the one to beat and watch out for.

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