Separating other substances in water

Aside from isolating salt from water, various different cycles are utilized to eliminate different substances found in water. We can sum up these cycles as follows:  su arıtma cihazı markaları



Bright water purging technique

Actuated carbon water cleansing technique

Texture channel treatment technique


Switch Osmosis

Channel types utilized in water treatment frameworks

Film channel: Membrane filtration is a straightforward innovation that isolates the fluid into two liquids utilizing a semi-porous layer. Layer channels are a kind of channel with little layers that can just go water atoms through.

Dregs channel: This channel made of compacted paper is utilized to channel particles, for example, mud, rust and sand in the water.

Post carbon or sugar channel: This channel, which is the last advance in water treatment frameworks, is normally made of coconut. This channel improves the drinking quality by mellowing the flavor of the water.

Carbon channel: This channel, which has square or dynamic sorts, by and large cleans chlorine and its mixes in water, cleanser and mechanical squanders, natural substances that make upsetting scent and taste.

Detox channel: Sorting the scattered water atoms, this channel boosts cell retention by lessening the sub-atomic structure of the water and encourages the expulsion of amassed poisons from the body.

Soluble channel: Increases the PH level of the water. Minerals, for example, magnesium, sodium, potassium are added to the water in this channel.

Mineral channel: It recharges the minerals that are absent in the water.

Attractive channel: It is the overall name of water treatment and lime anticipation frameworks that separate the lime atoms in the water going through it with attractive waves and keep them from meeting up.

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