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Surf Wear covers the range of apparel that defines the surf culture in clothing.

Surf Wear-Board Short

A good place to start is the board short. This little piece of essential gear, has progressed if you remember, from variations of canvas like materials, to a quick dry nylon and yerylene, and that was only the 60’s and 70’s.

Today it is a high teck bun fight, amongst ichiteck the worlds biggest surfing apparel manufacturers, to produce the slickest pair of boardies a surfer can wear.

It would be difficult to rate, as to who comes in first, as the companies say theirs is the “best”, and then you can throw in the customer brand loyalty swaying the vote as well. So, I won’t suggest here for one moment which here is the best, but suffice to say for this article, we will only feature O’Neill, and Quiksilver brands…yay!
In no particular order or preference, but we have to start some where, so…


A. The O’Neill Hyperfreak 4 Way Stretch feels like an elastic band, and has built in memory composition in the fiber, so it snaps back into the original shape. No more hang ups! It is treated with a water resistant finish for a quick dry as a bonus. These are seriously good shorts, so try them…they will amaze you.

B. The Quiksilver “J-Dub” aka Julian Wilson, Diamond Dobby “CYPHER” series boardie, boasts 30% less skin contact to eliminate rashing, and the fabric is so light that it feels like you are surfing with nothing on. Looks and feels like the ultimate short. Pink is a promotional color for this season, with a percentage of the sale going to the Breast Cancer Awareness programmes.

C. This sounds like a repeat, but O’Neill has gone one better than its own. Hyperfreak 4 way and it offers its customers an up graded version of the same, being the Hyperfreak 2.0. This is still the amazing stretch but features in addition a Welded Hem with No Inseam to rub you in the crutch. Also, it features a Superfly with stretch, and a lock in drawcord rise,…phew!

The Surf Wear Board Short war hots up and we are only highlighting two brands in this selection.

D. The last boardie but certainly not the least is the Quiksilver Cypher massive no rash Diamond Dobby DLX as worn by Kelly Slater also with the 30% less skin contact as the “J-Dubb” but it features not only this advanced fabric but “redefines what’s possible through performance technology.” A few features are included in this one, like welded seams, a double up closure, neoprene paneling for extra stretch, flat welded zip rear pocket, and to top it off, this model is part of the “Core Collection,” that being an “exclusive offering of technical surf products and essentials, available in selected Surf-Shops only.”

This has been a shoot out between two brands, over four different models of Board Shorts, each aspiring to attract the attention of surfers at different levels. the only thing to do is to go down to your local Surf-Shop and try a pair on, squat down, marvel at the stretch and buy the one you can afford, as they are all…SICK!

[] Surf-Shop Peregian Beach Sunshine Coast Queensland Aust. This shopping village precinct has a lunch box like Surf-Shop that’s small on the outside, small on the inside but is packed with all the relevant surf hardware and clothing. This Surf-Shop offers it’s customers personal service to help you find what you want or what size, style you need and that includes everything up to the great range of Surfboards they show. Surf-Shop Peregian Beach Queensland, Aust. has the full range of colours in all sizes of both these Quiksilver and O’Neill Board Shorts featured in this article.

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