Chair Cover Rentals – Elegance and Style With Minimal Cost

Chair covers rentals can be one of the most cost effective ways of turning a special occasion from average looking to exceptional looking. Whether you are celebrating a wedding reception or anniversary, finding a good cover rentals company can benefit you greatly; starting from the appearance and quality of the covers when it comes to creating the ultimate impression, and also giving a great atmosphere to your special event.

Adding chair cover to the make up of the room where your celebration is being held creates a setting that looks elegant and coordinated. The impact of merely placing covers over seats has on a room is unbelievable! Chair covers ooze style and sophistication, and can be customized to suit the color or theme depending on the exceptional chair cover rentals you choose for your celebration, and the best of all is this can be done at minimal cost to you.

After you have chosen your best chair cover rentals company according to your necessities, the selection of the covers comes in two parts. First, you should decide on the actual chair cover. Generally, the covers are draped over the chair and fitted to the structure of the chair. The actual chair cover can be selected in a variety of different materials; usually linen or satin. These chair cover fabrics are the most popular and most widely available in white but you can also rent them in a range of colors such as black, ivory, gold, chocolate brown, pink and blue. You will typically be paying for good quality in a range of about $3 to $5 per chair cover, but this depends on the material and color. You will pay more for satin and if you are hiring the chair cover in any other color than white.

Sashes and Bows – Adding a Fancy Touch to your Chair Cover Rentals

Sashes and bows are a very nice touch that is often added to the chair. Expect to pay an extra cost to add sashes or bows to your chair cover but the extra money is worth it. The price range of a sashes or bow is around the area of $1 to $2.50 per chair. Just like cover rentals, sashes and bows are available in a multitude of colors.

Using sashes or bows, the wedding planners are able to coordinate everything with their rental company for the perfect style or theme of the occasion.

Once you have selected your chair colorful chair covers  cover rentals and added sashes or bows, you may then want to think about putting your own unique twist on them. One of the most popular ways of doing this is adding flowers to the bows on the chairs. By adding accessories such as flowers to your covers, you can dramatically change the design of your special occasion. When working with your rentals company, you have the choice of either incorporating the design of the rest of the room around the color scheme of your covers or you can incorporate the chair covers around the design of the rest of your room.

Wedding chair cover rentals allow you to personalize your dinning space and transform what would be ordinary chairs into elegant thrones for your guests. One element that you do need to be aware of is to make sure that you ask for a sample of the chair covers and the sash or bow that is available so you can touch, feel, and see the fabric. This follows the golden rule of try before you buy, allowing you to make sure the chair covers are not faded, do not have any tears, stains and are not full of creases.

So when you are making all of the arrangements necessary to work harmonically with your chair cover rentals company for your special occasion or celebration, spare a moment of thought about the importance of chairs and you will soon come to realize how much of a difference chair covers can really make to the room and to your celebration.



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