With the continuous pressure to lower costs and reduce prices, there still are a number of companies who have not converted to or even tried plastic corrugated returnable packaging. Many people state that since their material will never be returned why use something like corrugated plastic that costs two and three times as much? More often than not there are repetitive processes that would be a great candidate for reusable packaging using plastic corrugated at just about any company. Companies that move products throughout their plant in paper boxes only to gather them up at the end of the day and throw them away would benefit from using corrugated plastic cartons that could be reused over and over. Some plants make weekly deliveries to the same company yet use a new corrugated paper box with each product instead of using a reusable package made from corrugated plastic that would eliminate the need for new boxes. Many production facilities use wood crates to ship material because they feel their products are better protected but they don’t take into account how heavy and abrasive wood crates can be. Corrugated plastic can be made to duplicate even a wood crate with forklift access so it can be returned and reused again and again.

Here are some of the advantages of using plastic corrugated returnable packaging:

o Corrugated plastic outlasts paper corrugated by 20-40 times.

o Plastic corrugated is available in thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 13mm thick, which is stronger than any corrugated paper product.

o Corrugated plastic can be used to duplicate any design made from paper corrugated.

o Plastic corrugated is strong, lightweight, and impervious to moisture and most chemicals.

o Corrugated plastic is washable and reusable over and over.

o Plastic corrugated can be cleaned using mild soap and water.

o Corrugated plastic is available in 14 standard colors.

o Plastic corrugated can be printed for maximum consumer appeal.

o Corrugated plastic can be used in place of wood, steel, and aluminum to create lightweight yet strong internal dunnage such as partitions and shelves.

o Plastic corrugated can be lined with cross link foam or spunbond fabric for non-abrasive applications.

In conclusion returnable packaging made from plastic corrugated continues to impress companies for both industrial and retail applications. From small boxes to large material handling systems, using plastic corrugated returnable packaging can be a welcome addition to any company’s bottom line. There are so many things that can be done with corrugated plastic returnable packaging. Its uses are limitless.

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