Plastic Water Bottles – Convenience Costs More Than We Know

Plastic water bottles are the only material in the liquor and beverage industry that keeps on piling up worldwide. There are quite a few reasons why this situation seems to be too difficult to contain; from the demand, waste management to lack of awareness. These are just a few things you might want to consider before getting the next gulp of refreshment.

It started from a need for simple convenience. Products such as plastic water bottles, plastic cups even plastic salad bowls and the like have a huge demand primarily because of its convenience. People who are always on the go prefer these plastic containers, which can be easily tossed in the trash after use. It makes them convenient because plastics seem to be the cheapest type of beverage container if we are to evaluate it on a short-term basis. Compared to any type of re-usable water containers, disposable plastics are the cheapest and most convenient container most of us rely on. Another thing is that it’s cheaper than our time. We seem to barely have a minute to breathe, much less to wash those re-usable bottles after each use. Or carry them along with our laptop, documents and other everyday work essentials. I can’t even count anymore how many re-usable mugs and bottles I’ve constantly lost, one after another; I keep on misplacing them somewhere. Plastic water bottles just seem so convenient to use. Whether it’s a morning rush or all day rush; all it takes is to just buy, drink and toss.

Plastic wastes management is a big dilemma. A plastic bottle, once used has to be disposed. It cannot be used again due to its health hazards. There has been many studies and research that proves how re-using plastic water containers can harm our health. What happens then to used bottles once tossed away? Plastic water bottles cannot be used again but it literally takes centuries to degrade them. There is always the option to recycle these used water bottles in to another commodities that doesn’t have direct contact with food, water or other beverages; products like tables, chairs, drawers and such. However, these products couldn’t cover the level of wastes from used plastic water bottles. Plastic water bottles are consumed every day by the majority of the population while the demand for its recycled products if any is a just mere fraction of it. There are approximately 38 million water bottles a year that goes to trash in the US alone but only 20% of them are recycled. Best of all, our preference for bottled waters necessitates approximately 41 million gallons of oil for every 1 million plastic water bottles. In fact, 90% of costs in producing bottled waters account for the bottling alone.

These wastes in the environment are making its presence known to many through its devastating effects that manifests in the ecosystem. It directly affects our lives and those of our children in ways that are very difficult to reverse. However, we need not add more to the existing problem. We can stop from here while finding solutions to the existing challenge. And that is one of the best reasons to help spread awareness to others. A simple change of preference, one step at a time while encouraging others to consider the same is the first and a very significant action.

Convenience is luxury that we pay for more than just a few dollars a day. However, water is an important part of our daily lives, which made us easily dependent on plastic water bottles but there’s always a better choice and a smart alternative. Learn more about the environmentally

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