Social Media: Making the Net Work for You

Your firm has a Facebook page a Twitter account and a LinkedIn profile. You have found interesting and worthwhile content to post on these sites. Now what?

The whole point is to use these tools to disseminate the firm’s posted information to an ever widening network of people. Doing this alone is slow, tedious, and ineffective. Enroll your friends, family, neighbors and for goodness sake, your employees in the campaign to expand that network.

Friends, neighbors, family, and employees can jumpstart this expansion of the firm’s social media network by Following the firm on Twitter and Liking our the company’s corporate Facebook page, and linking to the company’s corporate Profile on LinkedIn.

Company information shared on Facebook will be posted on the wall of those who Like the original post. This same information will appear on pages of everyone you share information with on Facebook. Tweets will be sent to anyone who is following you on Twitter and to they have the option of sending that information on to everyone following them.

This will keep family, friends, neighbors and employees up to date on what the firm posts on these sites. It is best to go easy on the hard sell. Our rule of thumb is for every we are great sales oriented post, we post nine interesting but non-sales related items relevant to our industry or the public at large.

If you sell sell sell with every post or tweet, you will lose lose lose followers and everyone but your mother will eventually unlike you on Facebook-and I wouldn’t count on mom forever.

If you are seen and appreciated as a resource of interesting information no one will mind if you once in a while pat yourself on the back and promote the firm.

The relevance of having employees  danielstampa connected to our Twitter and Facebook accounts is obvious. But what good is it to have your family, friends, and contacts see BH/BA posts? Admittedly, there’s no great marketing value in keeping your Aunt Edna up to speed on your company. However, there is no marketing downside to having your Aunt Edna know who you work for and what you do. And while Aunt Edna may not be in the market for what you do, she, or one of her contacts, just might be linked to someone who needs your services. That’s how to make the net work for you.

For most firms the social media game is like playing six degrees of separation, except we aren’t entirely sure of the identity of the potential client we want to reach. Still, we do want to bring home the bacon.

Ask your friends, neighbors, family and employees to take a few seconds and Like your Facebook page and Follow you on Twitter. This will help expand your firm’s web presence to an ever widening network of people and you’ll be on our way to making the net work for you.

Anthony Crocamo is the Manager of Corporate Marketing for Buchart Horn, Inc. ( ) a full-service international engineering and architectural firm specializing in Transportation, Facilities, and Environmental design services.



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