Who Is The Best Marketer In The Universe According To Google Search?

There are SEO experts and professional internet marketers who know how to gain top organic rankings for just about every and any search term under the sun. One powerful example of what is possible when utilizing proven search engine optimization techniques is the search phrase “Best Marketer In The Universe.”

This is an extremely bold claim and may seem a bit absurd or egotistical to some web users out there, but the fact of the matter remains that if you know what to do and actually go through with it, it’s possible to gain first rankedĀ  atierrademisamores results for any keyword or keyphrase that is important to you or your business.

Content Development:

You may think that there has been a huge focus put on using this keyword within blogs, articles, and web sites throughout the internet in order to gain the desired #1 result. Writing post after post and page after page about how this person is the greatest marketer in the universe and knows everything there is to know about business and industry, but that is far from the case and far from reality. As it currently stands no more than one free WordPress blog and one self-hosted WordPress site have been utilized to develop content going after this search term, yes that’s all!

The reason that so little content has still produced the desired results is a number of factors. First of all, no one has really been competing under this term which will of course make it far easier to gain top rankings for a keyphrase like this. Similar to when doing natural SEO for your business and keywords, it can be crucial to first go for longer tailed specific terms as you can gain results more quickly and effectively then by going after broader more competitive terms. If you’re new to search engine marketing it’s a great place to start by setting smaller goals and achieving them first and foremost.

Anchor Text Links:

Within the content that had been developed and geared for the SEO rankings this marketer was going for, they’ve included a few anchor text links to their self-hosted marketing blog. The links were set up basically using the standard WordPress HTML dashboard where you highlight a key phrase, click the hyperlink button, and then add the destination URL and enter link title. This was done on the first and only post of the free blog as well as the about page.

On Site Content:

As the anchor text links point to a personal and business marketing blog, the content on the site itself is also critical to gaining first positions. The title of the site as well as the about page have all been geared towards the fact that this business owner is indeed the universe’s best marketer and have completely unique content relevant to that statement. Images used have had their extension named properly as well as their captions including the keyphrase within the image itself.

Time Frames For #1 Ranking:

Considering this is a non competitive keyphrase, the #1 ranking was able to be achieved in roughly 3-4 weeks. Under highly competitive terminology, organic search rankings typically take 3-4 months to see basic results even when done by professional SEO consultants and specialists.

Even with just the most basic of SEO practices used properly it is possible to improve the organic search engine rankings of your web site and company under any keywords you may be considering going for. If you have the drive and some determination, you too can make bold claims like this and back them up with validated results, a great marketing tactic.

Colin has been involved in marketing online and offline businesses for over 5 years. He is recognized on Google and other search engines as the Best Marketer In The Universe [] and has taken his SEO Marketing expertise to the next level to work with world renowned a leading SEO company

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