Top Careers With a Criminal Justice Degree

Today criminal justice is a field that provides you with an opportunity to serve humanity and the society more than any other profession. If you are seriously considering a career in this field, getting a criminal justice degree can dramatically increase your chances for success in some of the most demanding professions. Over the last few years, this degree has emerged as one of the most popular subjects in undergraduate institutions since it offers students the flexibility to select from a wide range of careers. So if you are actually giving a very serious thought or looking forward to being a part of the one of these challenging yet rewarding fields, here are some of the top career options that are in great demand and you must choose –

Crime Scene Analyst- Crime scene analyst is one who collects, spots, separates and evaluates physical proofs that are related to criminal investigations. As a crime scene analyst, at times you may require to perform tests on weapons or materials like fiber or tissue in order to conduct error-free investigation. The job prospects for crime lab analysts is really excellent and anticipated to grow at a rapid pace compared to the average job growth rate for all job classifications.

Forensic Scientist- Forensic Scientist inspects crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Their job primarily revolves around collecting evidence from the crime scene and further analyzing the data they recover. They work in close coordination with government officials and police detectives in order to solve crimes as soon as possible. Adding to this, they often work with fluid samples, chemicals and firearms that actually require safety measures.

Criminal Investigator- The duties of a Criminal Investigator may include various tasks like checking records and conducting inquiries on crime and misconduct trials. Apart from this, at times the investigator may also require operating police radios and other law enforcement equipment. Besides this, sometimes criminal investigators may also be asked to testify in court in regards the processing methods used at the crime scene.

Legal Assistant- Legal assistant is the key person to many prestigious attorneys and therefore require a basic understanding of the law. Though legal assistants are usually not permitted to practice law; however, these days many attorneys are assigning more of their tasks to legal assistants. Now the key point to note in this area is that earning a criminal justice degree can actually play a very important role to make a career in this field. The degree educates students especially for this type of broad spectrum of careers and facilitates them to gain essential knowledge primarily required for this profession.

Court Reporter- The job responsibilities of a court reporter mainly revolve around recording exact reports of discussions, speeches, legal proceeding and similar situations where it is important to have a written transcript of every point that was said in the court. Adding to this, in judicial proceedings along with other meetings, court reporters also play an important role in maintaining a written record of the spoken word. If you have a good command over English grammar in addition to effective listening skills then you can make a career in this field.

These are some of the great options that you can choose if you are really looking forward to making a career in criminal justice field. Though some of the career profiles mentioned above may require additional or professional certification, but earning a criminal justice degree can provide you a better academic foundation for higher education as well as the skills required to succeed further in the respective fields.

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