Is Affiliate Marketing Dead For Pay Per Click Advertising?

About 10 years ago, a new type of search engine surfaced on the Internet scene. It was a way that you could buy yourself into the top of the search engine rankings in a bidding fashion. This came to be known as pay per click marketing and it wasn’t long before all of the search engines adopted this style of advertising. When many people think about this type of advertising, they think about the Google AdWords system. The fact of the matter is, Google is only one of the ways that you can receive traffic in this fashion. If you use it effectively, however, they can send you more  robottogel traffic than anyone else.

It was such an easy thing to find some keywords with low competition, throw up a page that pointed to an affiliate program and buy an ad through the pay per click marketing systems. Not all that long ago, however, something happened that dramatically changed the scene of this kind of advertising. It is usually known as the Google slap, a time in which people saw their rankings in pay per click marketing drop dramatically overnight. Not only did they drop quickly, they continued to drop consistently for a long period of time. Why is this?

Google began to institute a new policy that was known as the quality score. Although they had used the quality score before this time, they really began to put it into effect and that is what caused the Google slap to occur. As it turns out, Google didn’t want a lot of affiliate programs cluttering up their advertising space. Their claim is to be interested in quality content and this also included their ads. If the advertisement or the keyword did not fit in well with the webpage to which it was pointing, you either lost your ranking power or your minimum bid was raised to such a high level that you could never afford it. It seemed that this was the death of affiliate marketing using pay per click advertising. Is that really the case?

Actually, it is easier now to make money with pay per click marketing and affiliate advertising than it was before. Not that it takes less work, but there is much less competition to worry about. All that is really necessary is for you to put up a page that is relevant to what you are trying to offer. You can do so in the way of a review article for the product that you are associated with. Simply point your Google ad to this page and you should rank well while only paying out a minimum bid.


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