Little credit card debt

We paid cash for a used camper that we use for long distance shows. There is very little credit card debt. We pay additional principal each month on our home and it will be paid for in 3 years. (shaving almost 20 years off a 30 year mortgage!) We took about two years to totally complete our studio, paying as we went along and we do not use store credit cards. We do not hesitate to periodically check out the Goodwill store, we eat out rarely and we do not purposefully “shop.” (you will always find something to buy if you wander the mall) Our TV’s are over 10 years old but work fine. Our laptop computers are old but serviceable. Our Galaxy ll android phones came “free” (with a new subscription) as they were last year’s models. We saved over $150.00 a month by getting rid of our home phone and using the wiring for a dry loop DSL INternet connection instead. We raised the deductible on our health insurance to lower the monthly premiums (don’t even get me started on a discussion about the new health “care” bill) The list goes on and on but you get the point.

In today’s “I want” society, Parents especially need to implement all three elements: self discipline, perseverance and lifestyle choices to resist giving into the whims of their children. You could offer no better role model for them than to give them the confidence to NOT keep up with their peers.

Lifestyle is a huge reason so many artist will never be able to live off their earnings. They want too many other things that they feel will make them happy. In the months where we earn more than we need, we put it in the bank for the months that the reverse happens. As an artist you must “make hay while the sun shines.”

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