The Beginner’s Guide To Understanding Mast Cable Assemblies

If you have ever driven down a road and peered into the sky, only to see a tall pole-like structure with rods popping out of the sides, then chances are good that what you were seeing were mast cable assemblies. These tall communication devices are some of the most common cable assemblies found in the electronic world. Not only do they serve as housing devices for communicative wire signaling, but they are generally among the most affordable and practical electronic methods for communications on the market. If you find yourself curious about these wiring powerhouses, then take a look at the following guide to help you masterracksbd decide whether this structure is right for your electrical needs:

The Structure

Mast cable assemblies are pole-like configurations that include a hard, outer jacket surrounding an insulating layer that houses and protects wires. These wires are used to transmit signals to receiving devices. The outer jacket is necessary to protect wires from environmental elements like wind, rain and intense sunlight. Dust and moisture are two other outside forces that can damage delicate wires. Several different wires can be routed within the one mast, so that construction and deconstruction is relatively easy and simple.

To produce the best signal, most inner conductors are comprised of copper-coated aluminums. Outer shields of copper braiding covers the inner conductors and the outer jacket is usually coated with protective polyutherane. Polyutherane is a top choice of materials, as it often provides extra flexibility.

The Uses and Functions

Obviously, the biggest function of mast cable assemblies includes communication. In other words, these tall structures send signals and transmit messages to other mast cables. Most people think of sailors at sea when they envision these assemblies. In fact, the term “mast” means long pole deriving from a ship. The Navy, ships at sea and off-shore oil rigs are common industries that utilize these configurations. That is why the outer jacket is so important. It must protect the inner wires and insulation layers from both moisture and salinity from salt-water. Customizable parts for custom cable assemblies is especially important for these structures, as certain parts can enhance the protective state.

The navy is not the only portion of the military that employs the use of mast cables. The military in general requires the use of these assemblies when constructing military installations and bases. Any type of radio communications will utilize these devices as well, including construction companies that require the use of communication systems between workers, as well as drilling and mining companies.

Why choose mast cable assemblies?

Again, the ease in assembly is a huge advantage. The pole-like structure contains so many wires, that builders prefer to erect the one tower, as opposed to employing an electrician to re-route dozens of wires. The durability and stability of the outer jacket is another reason to choose a mast. On the same token, repairs are substantially easier to make as it is fairly easy to identify the faulty mast. Mast cable assemblies are among the most reliable and hardy cable types.

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