Riding Hats and Horseback Riding

Misconceptions exist about horseback riding. This article aims to address the myths about riding, inform you about how to find riding hats and other necessary equipment and answer your basic horseback riding questions.

MYTH: Riding Hats Aren’t Necessary

If you wear riding hats when you ride, follow safety rules, and take lessons from a good school and teacher, then you reduce your chances for accidents. Yes, accidents always can happen. However, that is also true of other sports and disciplines.

When it comes time to select your school, ask for recommendations from the school’s other students. You want to know you are picking a good place to learn.    kishin-fukuoka   When you take your first lesson, you should be given a calm horse and a confident and kind teacher who can show you the ropes. If you don’t get this, ask for another horse or teacher.

The most important thing, of course, is to be safe and wear your horseback riding safety equipment. This includes boots, certified riding hats and horseback riding pants.

When shopping for your riding hat or helmet, be sure to select one that is ASTM or SEI certified. Ideally, you will buy your hat from an in-person store, so you can try on the helmet and get advice from a knowledgeable salesperson. Buy a new helmet so you can be sure it hasn’t been in an accident and that it isn’t too old and degraded to hold up in an accident.

MYTH: Riding Is Too Expensive

You’ll find you can come up with excuses not to do just about anything in life. Although horseback riding isn’t inexpensive, there are ways to save money by taking group lessons or renting a horse tack as opposed to buying it. If you find you enjoy this sport, ask your horse riding school if you can get a discount for booking several sessions at once or taking group lessons.

In addition, purchasing all of the horse riding equipment isn’t necessary until you know you want to keep riding. Your riding school should be able to rent or loan riding hats until you buy one yourself. If you decide to continue riding, do shop for riding hats as soon as you can. You don’t want to take the risk of getting a worn out hat that isn’t safe.

MYTH: Horseback Riding Isn’t Real Exercise

If you’ve never been riding before, then I could see why you might say this. If you have been riding – and had the aching muscles to prove it – then you know well that horseback riding is a workout. You will work muscles you did not know you had in order to move with the horse and to keep yourself in the saddle.

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