Can Dropshipping Suppliers Really Offer Branded Items?

When looking for dropshipping suppliers, many people are attracted to those that offer branded items. After all, selling branded goods is always a good way to guarantee a certain amount of sales. But is it really possible to purchase branded goods at wholesale prices? If it is, why are there so many stories about people who were duped by wholesale dealers claiming to sell authentic branded products? The truth is that it is possible but highly unlikely that you will find legitimate wholesalers willing to offer branded goods at cheap rates. To understand why, it’s important to know¬† Dropshipping Supplier UK how the branded market works.

What’s In A Name?

When you come across dropshipping suppliers who say they can offer branded products in bulk at dirt cheap prices, you need to stop and think. Branded items are products that mainly gain market mileage because their name, not necessarily because their inherent value. In other words, many people buy Armani shoes not necessarily for the shoe, but because of the Armani name. Apart from the status symbol, the name also means the buyer is guaranteed to a certain level of quality and style. It takes years and lots of money to create a successful brand name. And in order to maintain that name, companies work to ensure that only limited numbers appear on the market in certain places. You may find Versace bags in certain boutiques but you’re probably not going to find them in every common shopping mall.

Distribution and supply play a huge role in maintaining a brand’s name. So why would they allow dropshipping suppliers to sell their name at dirt cheap prices? It’s not uncommon to see suppliers in a dropshipping directory claiming to offer factory seconds of branded goods. Most brand name companies are much disciplined about how many pieces they make and where they are made. It is very unlikely that Armani will just give away factory seconds to suppliers on a wholesale list. The bottom line is that if the deal on branded items seems too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.

Know What to Look For

However, there are certain dropshipping suppliers that may indeed offer branded items. If the offer seems genuine but you still want to reconfirm, there are some things you should check for. Ask the supplier if they can show you some certification or documentation of authenticity. If the supplier is legitimate, they will have absolutely nothing to lose by showing you this information.

It’s also a good idea to see photographs of the product first. Do some research on the positions of the authentic logos and check to see if they match the branding in the photograph. In many cases, fake brands have logos which are off in terms of placement or design. You can also ask where the dropshipping suppliers got the product to ensure that you aren’t dealing with stolen merchandise.

It’s important to research dropshipping suppliers in any dropshipping directory, especially if they claim to offer

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